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A community for Fox's "Breaking In"
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A community for Fox's "Breaking In"

Breaking In is an offbeat half-hour workplace comedy about a high-tech security firm that takes extreme - and often questionable - measures to sell their protection services. Created by Adam F. Goldberg and Seth Gordon, the series centers on a team of uniquely skilled oddball geniuses hand-picked to work for a manipulative mastermind.

With Bret Harrison as Cameron Price, Christian Slater as Oz, Alphonso McAuley as Calvin Sparks, Odette Annable as Melanie Green, Trevor Moore as Josh Armstrong and Michael Rosenbaum as Dutch.


Breaking In page on Fox.com
Official Facebook Page
Official Twitter account
Official character Twitter account for Dutch
Official character Twitter account for Cash
Twitter account Bret Harrison
Twitter account Michael Rosenbaum


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